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About Me

Melanie Medina (a.k.a "Mel") was born and raised in San Diego, California, the youngest of 6 children from hardworking entrepreneurial parents who immigrated from Portugal to the United States. Mel put herself through college and received a BA in Criminology while managing restaurants without pulling a single penny for student loans. She is self-made and has been successful in management roles and being a prominent leader in several different industries such has Food & Beverage, Criminal Justice and Construction. After realizing that she put her passion of acting on the shelf to pursue the societal norm of Corporate America, she decided enough was enough and to get back in the entertainment industry. Her vast knowledge in several different industries, coupled with her diversity, makes her an asset and natural choice when it comes to casting. Mel is a passionate actress who is extremely flexible, prepared, has a strong work ethic, is collaborative, easy to work with and open minded. She believes in doing whatever the Right thing to do is in every situation, it's all about being a good, honest, humble and hardworking human being. Be kind to others. 




ASAP Talent Agency

George Lee Baker (Agent)


27955 Smyth Drive, Suite 103

Valencia, CA 91355

Kanner Weissman Management

Tracey Eggers (Manager)


26893 Bouquet Canyon Road, C129

Santa Clarita, CA 91350-3500


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